USB DMX Interface DMX 512 Controller


odel number: USB-VL344

The interface can be plugs in a standard USB 1.1 – 2.0 port and control up to 512 DMX channel. 3-Pin XLR DMX output.
USB type B female connector. USB A to B cable include.
Download Driver (Windows XP/Vista/Win 7/8/10)
Download Driver Mac
Download Driver Linux
Made in USA

Compatibles Lighting Software

Free Styler (free)

Freestyler is free lighting control software used by many leading dj’s, venues and lighting designers and supported by a vast network of users worldwide. You can create your own fixtures with the FixtureCreator.

DMX Control (free)

DMXControl permits you to maximise this potential without the need to spend a lot of money. You can download and use the software completely for free. All you just need is one of the many supported DMX interfaces and away you go! You are not forced to pay for an expensive interface and with that pay for the development of the software.

PC Dimmer (free)

The control program is PC_DIMMER in recent years has grown steadily, so that now the computer a full-blown console has available, covering from scene management to mp3-triggered light show all areas. It can easily run lights, and complex lighting sequences can be programmed and accessed via the graphical user interface and the stage control panel to all relevant data easily and quickly.

Maqic Q


With MagicQ, everything is compatible. The software on each MagicQ console and on MagicQ PC (whether Windows, Mac or Linux) has exactly the same functionality. Show files are completely interchangeable between different MagicQ consoles and between MagicQ PC.


DMX 512 Channel

VenueMagicTM Show Control Software lets you create spectacular lightshows with precisely synchronized video, audio and DMX lighting using a powerful, easy to understand graphical timeline-based editor. This is DMX software at its finest. Never have so many powerful features come together into a one, affordable show control software package.

Light Factory

Dmx 512 channel

Lightfactory is a unique PC based lighting control system. Offering a no compromise approach of traditional dimmer control and fully featured moving light support. LightFactory was designed with the idea that every lighting engineer, operator or designer could own their own control desk. One desk they are completely familiar with, one desk that works for every situation and one desk they can rely on every time.

Lumi DMX

DMX 512 Channel

LumiDMX offers with its variety of possibilities the perfect environment to unleash your creativity. At live concerts you have everything in view with the integrated live view. You can also improvise at any time. DMX devices arranged on the 2D view can be found and controlled in seconds.

Show Magic

DMX 512 Channel

ShowMagic offers an integrated software solution for the storage, playback and control of audio, video and digital signage, as well as full control of lighting and external AV devices.


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